Saturday, February 20, 2010


Started going through my Disconet records today and did some rips. Maybe I'll post some more later. Enjoy.

Risqué - Starlight (Extended American Edit)
Plastic Bertrand - Stop Ou Encore (Raoul Vocal Mix)
Johnny Chingas - I'm Looking For An Automatic Lover


V ! said...


thank you for extended version although its sound is a bit 'choked'. Anyways, this post made my morning! Thank you! (Wind - Luxury is a killer!)

Jacob said...

Tell me what "choked" means. This is a 320 KBPS rip from a Music Hall MMF2 turntable, although I haven't had a chance to play the file on anything but laptop speakers. I checked your post and the file you posted was only 160 KBPS so whatevs.

the saucer people said...

Funny how something is just not good enough for some people which wouldn't be too bad except for the fact these are also the same kind of people who feel the urge to tell everyone about it.
Speaking personally, the very fact you are sharing these incredible rips of such rare records should be applauded and the fact you are posting them at 320 (where most people seem to post disconet mixes at 192 tops) is kindness beyond measure, the quality is amazing, you really looked after your records!
The Disconet mixes you posted are not the usual suspects and aside from the sublime Ron Hardy edit of Stop Ou Encore I had no idea Disconet also did a, just listening to it now, its incredible, hard to believe it came out in 1982, sounds like it could have been released next Thursday!
Anyway, I really hope you post some more of your Disconet records, I for one am a receptive audience!

Jacob said...

Thanks for the comment! I'll try to get some more stuff ripped here soon.

Jack said...

Excellent post... Thanks very much... Would you happern to have Denroy Morgan's 'I'll do anything for you' Disconet Remix... An upload of that would be excellent... Thanks again

Anonymous said...

just found this blog. really great selection/taste. thanks, for the hard work of ripping this music, and picking the right gems to post. i appreciate it.